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WORK...And then some....

Busy times at the ranch this season - two mares out of 4 are now in foal - our sorrel Rooster bred mare is in foal to Show Me the Buckles, heartbeat check soon - our buckskin mare, Carly, is in foal to Platinum Vintage, almost 60 days, and our red dun mare, Jackie, has been bred to Shine Chic Shine, and we'll be checking her soon. The last mare we have has been a real adventure, to say the least. After an unsuccessful season last year, Cashaledo was changed to a different stallion for 2017, In Like Flinn, and started out this season as last...nothing. Everything normal in every way, but no pregnancy. Enter the world of ICSI - our last hope to achieve our goals...certainly not for the faint of heart! She had 23 follicles aspirated, resulting in a total of 15 eggs, all were injected with ILF swimmers, and we were lucky and ended up with two embryos...the first has been implanted in a recip mare, and we are getting Cash ready to be implanted with the second, with the hope that she will get pregnant and by carrying her foal, she will be able to naturally right whatever is causing her to not be able to get in foal the regular ways. We are praying that all goes well, and both mares will have solid pregnancies for us for 2018. 

All 3 of our mares have foaled, and we could not be happier with our 2017 foal crop - a dun colt by Einsteins Revolution, out of Old Fashion Jac, a buckskin filly by Shine Chic Shine, out of Talk About Flash, and a sorrel filly with lots of extra white, and some frosting in the way of roan hair thruout, by Magnum With A Dream. 

Work in the shop is slow, but progress is being made - I will have pics of some custom orders out soon - stay tuned!

Bruce has been hauling Farrah, by Spooks Gotta Whiz, (Spooks Got Flash), to APHA shows to qualify for the 2017 APHA World Show, and to season some. She won the show Circuit Championship in All Age Reining at the last show, earning 3 pts. She has just over $900 in earnings so far (2016 APHA Breeders Trust 4 Yr Old Futurity Champion)...she is being offered for sale at $25k. 

Pam Schroeck's nice gelding, TinMan, has won a circuit award for her, and a reserve award, in her first two shows this season with him, and we hope she has a successful year end on him.

Our grandchildren are a delight - coming out to the ranch a few times every month, they are just over a year old, and walking - soon to be running everywhere, I'm sure...can't wait to get them a pony! Which would probably mean a saddle....

'It takes a village' is a sentiment that rings as true as any around our place - and we are all thankful for the clients that keep their horses in training with Bruce, and the customers that frequent the saddle shop. 

Hopefully, I will have a bit more time in a few months, and be able to get back in the saddle, and enjoy the horses we worked so hard to produce, train, show, and keep the best saddles and tack in the tack room to use on them that I can build. 

Remember - we can't spell S CCESS without U!!


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